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Whether you are living in a rented house, or you have plans to buy your own in a new location, shifting is a challenging proposition in all these situations. But we have simplified that with . The cheap removalist in Melbourne will not just help you move your belongings and possessions, but even immovable property by using their smart techniques and cutting edge technology.

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Who Are We?

We are a premiere service provider in Melbourne to help you move to any part of the country without any hassle. Our expertise and rich market exposure equip us to handle the toughest requirements and deliver the best results for our clients. We are working with top clients who are based in various parts of the country. Not just within the country, we have the expertise to go above and beyond and deliver the best results to our clients.

Why To Hire Us?

In the market, there are many service providers willing to serve you but you can trust us for the following reasons:

Best Cheap Movers in Melbourne

When you are looking for the , they need to give you the best service experience at affordable prices. We are creating that image in Australia where you get who are always eager to help you in all possible ways. So, do not think twice, if you want the solution, we have that in line for you.

Best Cheap Removalists in Melbourne

A house becomes a home when you see feelings and emotions getting mixed with it in the process of its ageing. Yes, as the house ages with time, you have seen kids growing up, memories, good or bad shared and lived together. Such developments make a house, a home. So, we make sure that you have the best who do not let you sell the house when you are leaving Melbourne and planning to shift somewhere else. Our removalists use smart technology to carry the house from one location to another. So, just plan whenever you need the best service experience and our experts will be there to help you.

Furniture Movers in Melbourne

Those who are living in a rented house, at the time of switching city or location, they need the best support. will be there to provide them that. They have the right technology and methods to make things work and ensure that you are moving to any location without the hassle and your furniture is also safe and secure during the transfers. Yes, they will thoroughly pack everything and transport it using the latest techniques to avoid damage to the furniture.

Why We Are The Best Among Moving Companies in Melbourne?


We are committed to give you the best service experience. If you are not satisfied with our services, you have full rights to demand a refund.


We have expertise in the team to deliver the best result for the clients.


We have the best tools and equipment to help you feel world class moving experience.


We are supportive towards our clients at any point of time.

Melbourne Movers

What We Offer

Home Movers

My Mate Movers Melbourne has the experience to handle all types of house moving whether big or small. Be it a studio or an expensive home, we have a fleet of vehicles and removalist tools to suit every type of home moving. We have helped in moving single room stuff to a large mansion one.

Business Movers

My Mate Movers are one of the leading business movers who helped some of the most well recognised and very demanding companies and institutions to relocate. We have always tried to minimize relocation time for business movements. That's why Melbourne's Best Business Movers.

Pre Packing

For the complete moving service, take advantage of our trained professional pre-packers. They will come to your home before moving day and pack all your little bits and pieces that require special wrapping and care. Our packers come equipped with butcher paper and bubble wrap.

More Services

We Offer The Following Services

Home Moving Consultant

Our aim is always to first assess your all relocation requirements and devise the best solution for your individual situation. We have a range of customers, each with their own requirements, who look for a cheap removalist or a budget move, or a move that takes care of every minute detail.

Piano Moving Service

Our Removalists in Melbourne have been moving pianos for local families, professionals and institutions for years. Piano moving is an art which requires specialized equipment and experience. There are many things to consider and plans to be made before a successful move can be made.

Furniture Removals

Professional furniture removalists in Melbourne provide free expert advice 24/7. Whether you are changing cities or states, hiring a professional moving company is the way to go. There's no better way to handle a move with people who are knowledgeable and experienced in the profession.

Packing and Loading

Whenever there is an occasion for relocation, hiring a professional moving company is always a great idea. There is no better way to handle a move from packing to loading to unloading than with professional removalists in Melbourne who are knowledgeable and experienced in their profession.

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Unloading Only

Professional removalists in Melbourne have the good manpower, resources and expertise to complete your move in a prompt, safe and responsible manner. We help our customers according to their needs as we also provide movers for unloading purpose only because no job is too big or too small.

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Rearranging of Furniture

Packing, loading, transporting and unloading products safely and securely to a new location is a mover's company main responsibility. We not only move customer's stuff to a new place but we are also there to help the customer in the rearranging of furniture or other stuff after relocation.

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